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Advanced Lawyering Project Presentation

04.03.2017 15:36:02 Read more

School of Law PhD Scholarships

03.31.2017 14:31:47 Read more

UL Law Society - Medical Cannabis Debate

03.31.2017 12:56:09 Read more

The Gig Economy Freedom of Choice or a Race to the Bott...

03.30.2017 16:45:15 Read more

Visiting Law Student praises UL Buddy Programme

03.30.2017 12:22:38 Read more

UL PhD candidate presents research in Oxford

03.30.2017 12:11:47 Read more

UL Law Students Present Research to Local Traveller Org...

03.30.2017 12:03:46 Read more

3 Minute Thesis Competition

03.30.2017 10:18:39 Read more

Dr Kathryn O Sullivan visits the University of Bologna ...

03.29.2017 16:45:35 Read more

Guest Lecture on the International Criminal Court.

03.29.2017 13:05:42 Read more

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