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A and L Goodbody Bold Ideas 2016

11.25.2016 14:28:49 Read more

Guest Lecture on The Sentencing Process

11.22.2016 11:46:59 Read more

Week of Work Experience in UL School of Law

11.21.2016 14:21:21 Read more

Law Society of Ireland

11.18.2016 09:51:31 Read more

Safe Ireland Summit

11.18.2016 09:47:54 Read more

Irish Examiner Article - "Consent is a grey area in law...

11.17.2016 11:08:10 Read more

Guest Lecture - His Honour Judge Tom O'Donnell

11.16.2016 14:20:44 Read more

Seminar on National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulner...

11.15.2016 14:40:32 Read more

New law will define consent in rape cases

11.14.2016 14:50:54 Read more

Dr. Fergus Ryan - Guest Lecture on Adoption

11.14.2016 10:20:08 Read more

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