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Matheson scholarship awarded to Jack Canning

05.23.2023 15:36:48 Read more

Doing Feminist Legal Work Rapid Response Workshop

05.23.2023 11:41:15 Read more

Court Presentation Programme

05.18.2023 09:53:25 Read more

PhD Candidate Ruhi Anand co-authors article

05.17.2023 10:03:12 Read more

Dr. Luke Danagher Journal Publication in Current Issues...

05.16.2023 16:26:43 Read more

Kate Fleming Memorial Mediation Competition March 2023

05.15.2023 09:35:57 Read more

Dr Laura Cahillane takes part in TRICON research Group ...

05.11.2023 09:52:06 Read more

Dr Laura Cahillane speaks at Court of Appeal Workshop

05.10.2023 12:15:01 Read more

Eversheds Sutherland scholarship for the LLM in Interna...

05.09.2023 14:14:43 Read more

Dr Eoin O'Meara Daly

05.05.2023 15:05:32 Read more

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