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New Summer School 2016 - 'Historical perspectives of justice in Ireland: Folk devils, fornicators and families’

Summer School

The School of Law is delighted to announce it will deliver a brand new Summer School this summer 2016 entitled ‘Historical perspectives of justice in Ireland: Folk devils, fornicators and families’. The Summer School, which will run from the 26th May to the 14th June, forms part of the University of Limerick’s Summer Schools in Irish Studies. Drawing upon the extensive research and teaching specialisms of several members of the School of Law, this summer school will focus on justice in three key areas: punishment, sexuality and families. Delivering a distinctive learning experience focused on three fascinating areas of justice, the module will afford students the opportunity to gain a much deeper insight into the historical context in which justice policy within these specific pillars/themes was not only constructed in Ireland but also developed and applied. The Course Director of the Summer School is Dr Kathryn O’Sullivan.

To download the current brochure, please visit http://www.ul.ie/international/uploads/SummerSchool/Summer_School_Revised_2016.pdf