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New Book Arrest, Detention and Questioning

Arrest, Detention & Questioning Arrest, Detention & Questioning

Dr Kevin Sweeney has just published his book, Arrest, Detention and Questioning: Law and Practice. It examines the legislation, rules and regulations that protect the rights of a suspect in custody for interrogation. These include the detention provisions themselves, the custody regulations, audio-visual recording and the role of solicitors in the process. It is within this framework that Gardaí must work to solve crime and prosecute those responsible before the courts. The interview training method available to Gardaí and efforts by successive governments to rebalance the criminal justice system are all explored. Dr Sweeney served his career in An Garda Siochana before retiring in 2017, having worked primarily in detective branch including anti-terrorism. In 2017 he also received his doctorate from the University of Limerick, and he currently works with Professor Sean Redmond as part of the REPPP project in the School of Law.