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Modules from Previous Years


The book of law modules is available at the link below. It should be noted that the contents of the book are for information purposes only. It sets out the core content of each module, the learning outcomes to be achieved, academic prerequisites, contact hours, essential reading, and the assessment instruments used in previous deliveries of the module. It is designed to help students make informed choices about module selections and to structure their expectations. It is also a guide for academic staff to ensure continuity and consistency across academic years. The book is reviewed prior to the commencement of each academic year. A record of the book that existed for each academic year will be maintained on the site to facilitate students in seeking exemptions for various law professional bodies.


Book of Modules 2014/15

Book of Modules 2015/16

Book of Modules 2016/17

Book of Modules 2017/18

Book of Modules 2018/19

Book of Modules 2019/20

Book of Modules 2020/21

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