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LA Externship Experience – Alan McCabe

LA Internship

Fourth year Law Plus student Alan McCabe recently returned to Ireland having completed the LA Externship with generous support from the School of Law. Here is what Alan had to say about his experience:

‘I extend my gratitude to both the University of Limerick School of Law and the Irish American Bar Association (IABA) for sponsoring, through joint-scholarships, my recent externship to Los Angeles, California. I spent 3 months working both in State Court in LA County and in the United States Courthouse for the Central District of California. This externship was the obvious next-step in broadening the horizons of my legal education by presenting me with the opportunity to understand the workings of the judicial decision-making and enforcement processes. My learning derived principally from the two-and-a-half-month placement with the Federal Court where I engaged heavily in research encompassing Intellectual Property and Class-Action Procedure to name but a few. My role in legal research and writing bench memorandums and review and recommendations to the judges gave me the responsibility of guiding actual legal disputes through assisting the judges on a consultative basis.  This opportunity allowed me to work with fellow students from law schools all over America and to participate in social and networking events organised by the IABA which allowed me to gain an interesting perspective by legal professionals at all levels. I would recommend this externship to any law student who is serious in developing their appreciation of law and who strive to be well-rounded attorneys in the future.’

Alan is photographed with the Honourable Judge Terry J Hatter Jr. For more information on international education opportunities for School of Law students, please visit