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Jennifer Markham at Keating Connolly Sellors

Jennifer Markham, Law Plus, spent her placement at Keating Connolly SellorsJennifer Markham pictured outside Keathing Connolly Sellors with associates

One firm, one name, one passion, embodying a wonderful balance of old and new

In early February 2018, I clearly recollect memorising quotes from the Keating Connolly Sellors’ website in order to impress the firm’s recruitment team at my interview for my co-op placement. Now, after concluding my internship as a co-op student, I can say that I understand that quote I learned that Sellors Solicitors is ‘one firm, one name, one passion, embodying a wonderful balance of old and new.’  Back in 2015, Connolly Sellors Geraghty merged with Keating and Keogh Solicitors and created an environment where the firm strives not only on the ‘strength and wisdom of a long, illustrious heritage’ but also aims to ‘move with the speed and vigour of a youthful, modern, innovative practice.’ 

A Welcoming Team

I was fortunate to be part of an excellent team at Sellors and found that everyone was so welcoming from day one. A memory I will never forget is when Mr Stephen Keogh, the managing partner introduced himself and explained that he wanted to abolish the stigma of fear and trepidation associated with approaching a partner or solicitor in a firm. This was an important learning experience for me, and it gave me the confidence to ask questions and be more involved in the firm’s practice.


I began my co-operative journey in litigation where I learned about the (solicitors) bread-and-butter of the legal world. I worked closely with the solicitors and researched case law and legislation while also contacting and meeting clients. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to move into this department during the busiest period of the year for banking where I learned the process of banking litigation. It was a fast-paced environment and I got to experience first-hand what it would be like to be a solicitor under pressure with deadlines to meet. Banking, where I received invaluable insight into this area of law, is a pivotal department in Sellors Solicitors.


I concluded my final three months of placement in conveyancing, where I worked closely with a solicitor and a legal executive in property sales. Once again, I was challenged in this role as I was now starting my third rotation in a different department. In conveyancing I was given opportunities to deal with clients and legal teams from other companies on my own, as well as prepare properties for auction and sale. In addition to the legal experience I gained, I was also given the role of marketing and managing the content that was used for the company’s website and social media.

Strictly Legal Eagle

One of the highlights of the entire experience for me was representing Sellors’ solicitors and the University of Limerick School of Law in the ‘Strictly Legal Eagle’ dancing fundraiser that raised over €20,000 in aid of Mid-Western Cancer Centre and the Children’s Grief Centre. I was part of an amazing team of solicitors, barristers and court staff and for several weeks we all worked closely together rehearsing and practising to put on a memorable show on Thursday 1st November, for actual judges of the District Court, who kindly acted as judges for the competition, as well as friends and family who were welcomed on the night.

Personal and Professional Development

In conclusion, the unique aspect of Keating Connolly Sellors as a placement opportunity was that I received trust and responsibility from each head of department, since the firm wanted to provide me with the opportunity to learn and gain as much experience as possible during my placement.  I now appreciate that I have developed both personally and academically and I have gained insight into the everyday life of the legal world, thus giving me the confidence and self-belief that I can continue after my LL.B degree and pursue a career as a legal eagle.