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Henry Street Garda Station - Limerick Community Policing Engagement Initiative

Limerick Community Policing

Limerick Community Policing Engagement Initiative

Pictured are the winners of the Limerick Coppers Cup 2015 run in the Factories, South Hill, Limerick on Wednesday 14th October 2015. The Westbourne Team from the Dock Road, Limerick won the eight team event which was organised by Probationer Garda Peter Sheeran, of Henry Street Garda Station, Limerick and Limerick Youth Service. Seven youth teams took part from youth projects/centres from Ballynanty, Irishtown, Westbourne Lodge, Knockalisheen Centre, Lava Java’s and Limerick Youth Service.

Pictured with their individual medals and winning trophy is the Westbourne Team along with Catherine Kelly, C.E.O. Limerick Youth Service, Garda Superintendent Derek Smart and 14/1 Probationer Garda Peter Sheeran 35607G.

Probationer Garda Peter Sheeran organised the event as part of his Bachelor of Arts in Applied Policing which is the new Garda Training Program developed in close collaboration with the University of Limerick, School of Law.

Speaking at the event Superintendent Derek Smart, District Officer for Limerick City North, said ‘it’s our privilege and duty as Gardaí to engage and support these terrific young people who come from all walks of life, backgrounds and countries. Events like these greatly help to build lasting positive relationships and reinforce our message and determination to do everything we can to protect and serve all the people of Limerick.’