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Friel gives transatlantic virtual class on Competition Law

University of New Hampshire

On Thursday December 1, Professor Ray Friel delivered a class at the University of New Hampshire School of Law from his office in the Foundation Building at UL. In conjunction with Professor William Murphy of UNH School of Law, Friel gave a class to a variety of JD and LLM students taking Murphy’s Anti-Trust course in Concord. Around 25 students participated in the class.

Friel’s topic revolved around the EU competition investigation against Google in Europe, including both the investigation to paid/unpaid search results which began in 2010 and the more recent investigation opened in 2015 to Google’s dominance in mobile search engines and the android operating system and app store.

Using the Zoom platform, Friel delivered his presentation and then threw the issue open for questions to the assembled US students.  A lively debate ensued which provided many insights for US students into European thinking and practice in the application of competition law to technological innovation.

Murphy will reciprocate the event in the Spring semester by giving a virtual class to LLM students here in Limerick. As well as providing an instant benefit to both groups of students,  Murphy and Friel intend to develop and refine the model and to introduce a new transatlantic module using this or similar technology that will be shared between the two Law Schools with both Schools offering credit towards an LLM or JD award.