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The Executive Programme for Local Leadership

Optimising Outcomes for Leaders: Supporting effective delivery across policy, provider, and practice communities

The Executive Programme for Local Leadership was initiated in November 2018 in order to address policy problems (including high crime neighbourhoods) that are extremely complex and require new collective approaches. It brings together leadership teams to engage with relevant research and to find solutions to such problems [e.g. a pilot programme in North East Inner City of Dublin 2018/19 – and further programmes are planned]. The Executive Programme aims to:

  • Help to improve local capacity to deal with complex problems
  • Increase learning about how to improve social programmes, and to harness the collective planning and implementation expertise of participants

The Executive Leadership Programme will provide a supportive, deliberative and collaborative space in which to turn ideas into actions in supporting the NEIC Initiative while cultivating a sustainable leadership network within this community. The programme will examine what it means to be evidence-informed, what this can bring to improving outcomes, and what is required to bring about positive change.