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Exam Preparation Workshop for International/Erasmus Students


On Wednesday, 19th November, the School of Law held a novel new workshop, "Exam Preparation for International/Erasmus Students", for our undergraduate and postgraduate international and Erasmus students who are currently preparing for their end of term exams in a wide range of law modules in UL.

Supported by the AHSS Teaching Development Fund, the workshop sought to respond to the specific needs of International/Erasmus, non-native English speaking students and was attended by students from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, and China. In addition to helping students with exam techniques, the workshop also assisted students in responding to particular types of questions and highlighted the differences in examination styles across a number of countries.

The feedback from the workshop was overwhelmingly positive with students noting the benefit they took from attendance and their increased feelings of preparedness for their end of term exams. The workshop was facilitated by Dr Kathryn O’Sullivan, Norah Burns, and Michelle Stevenson (School of Law) and feeds into a larger research project being undertaken by Dr O’Sullivan, focusing on identifying the challenges which exist for International/Erasmus students undertaking legal studies in English.

Many thanks to all who participated!