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Dean Strang - Guest Lecturer at School of Law

Dean Strang - Guest Lecturer at School of Law


Dean Strang, one of the attorneys featured in the Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer, has been announced as a guest lecturer at the School of Law.

His first lecture begins next week.


Making a Murderer defence lawyer Dean Strang is set to take up a position later this month as a guest lecturer at the School of Law, UL.

The Wisconsin attorney featured quite prominently in the 2015 Netflix documentary series, based on Steven Avery, who was convicted in 2007 of the murder of Teresa Halbach. He is currently serving a life sentence.

Strang, who has visited Limerick before, will lead a six-week module of lectures at the School of Law, starting on 10 February.

He said UL had given him "the chance of a lifetime: to immerse myself in an Irish law school for nearly two months, and to learn about how law is taught and lived in Ireland".

"I will have chances to hear and meet Irish students, professors, lawyers and judges and to consider questions that daily law practice either crowds out or omits,” he added.

Mr Strang is set to kick off his time in UL with a public conversation on the role of the defence lawyer, entitled How Can You Defend Those People? and will be joined by Mark Nicholas, a Senior Counsel and an expert in criminal law and will provide insight from an Irish perspective.