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Bearing Witness Interdisciplinary Symposium

Bearing Witness Interdisciplinary Symposium

The Department of Nursing & Midwifery & School of Law recently hosted

Bearing Witness - An Interdisciplinary Symposium on concealed pregnancy, concealment of birth & infanticide in the Appellate Court, Glucksman Library.


The Spaces Between Us Exhibition was subsequently held at the Bourn Vincent Gallery. The symposium was convened by Dr Sylvia Murphy Tighe, UL and Dr Amanda Gardiner, Edith Cowan University,  


The programme included a keynote address by Professor Joan Lalor, Trinity College Dublin, ‘Re-thinking the pregnant woman’s decisional authority and the interconnection between the pregnant woman, the foetus and the clinician’. Other speakers were Dr Patrick Ryan Department of Psychology UL, Dr Sylvia Murphy Tighe, and Dr Amanda Gardiner. Dr Amanda Gardiner is curator of The Spaces Between Us Exhibition and brought this exquisite work to the University of Limerick.


Pictured with Dr Sylvia Tighe Murphy are Dr Patrick Ryan, UL and Professor Joan Lalor, Professor of Midwifery, TCD.