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AHSS Graduate Evening-Law

GEE profiles

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences organised a very successful Graduate Evening on Wednesday, 11th November with over 40 attendees. Secondary School students and their parents were invited to attend talks by our graduate students. The speakers presented on different aspects of their law degree, including the use of legal knowledge and the analytical skills learned while studying law and how that benefited working in recruitment; the transition from undergraduate studies to a Masters, the cooperative education placement and gaining links with the profession; lecturing law at University, and immersion programmes in China.

Thank you to the Dean's Office, in particular, Mary Heuston for her work on this initiative. Also, thank you to Jess Beeley and Rina Carr of the Dean's Office. A huge thank you to our speakers: Aoife FInnerty, Norah Burns, Raymond Holian, Steven Brinn and Neasa Peters. Professor Shane Kilcommins gave a very insightful talk on the UL edge and the employability of UL graduates. Dr Susan Leahy spoke about Law Plus and the BA in Criminal Justice. Thank you to both Shane and Susan.

One parent emailed to thank us on the initiative and commented: "I thought the speakers were great. Especially so as they all came across as down to earth, made different choices, changed their minds etc all of which must have resonated with an audience of secondary kids who are still at that uncertain stage".