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Advanced Lawyering Project Presentation

Advanced Lawyering Project Presentation

On Friday 31st March final year LL.B. students presented their research to participants on the Community Law Programme. The students undertook advanced research and writing for the Advanced Lawyering Project, a module on their programme of studies, on the topic “Post-Acquittal Retrials for the Same Criminal Offence” under the supervision of Dr Ger Coffey Lecturer in the School of Law. This examined the common law principle against double jeopardy and related matters. The research team, which was comprised of Patrick Drayne, Aoife Kiely, Chloe Flynn, Eileen Shanahan-Chesser, Sharmila Rahman and Gavin Tynan, conducted research over one semester and compiled reports on various aspects of the double jeopardy principle. These included the historical development and rationale of the principle, policy considerations for and against post-acquittal retrials, seminal case law particularly from England and Wales, and Ireland’s international obligations under various treaties and conventions (including the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights). The students’ presentation to the Community Law Programme was very well received and many pertinent questions were posed by attendees, which the students grappled with very well in defence of their presentation.

Pictured: Aoife Kiely, Chloe Flynn, Sharmila Rahman and Eileen Shanahan-Chesser who presented their research on the Community Law Programme.