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General English - Year Round Programme - NEW: Dates for 2021

The General English Year Round Programme is suitable for learners with various levels of English who wish to improve their general English communication skills. 

General English will help you to:-

  • develop your fluency by providing lots of opportunities for practising spoken English;
  • understand how the language works;
  • develop all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing);
  • increase your knowledge of Irish culture;
  • practise and improve your intercultural skills;
  • develop your ability to learn languages independently.

General English Standard - 20 hours per week

The typical timetable is 09:00-12:50 each day from Monday to Friday (20 x 50 minute academic hours). Students will have extra work to do outside of class time. Students will also have the opportunity to use our language learning facilities for private study in the afternoons.

General English Intensive - 25 hours per week

General English Intensive follows the same timetable as the standard programme from 09:00-12:50 each day from Monday to Friday (20 x 50 minute academic hours) plus 5 academic hours extra over 2 afternoons per week.









09:00-10:45 Class Class Class Class Class
10:45-11:15 Break Break Break Break Break 
11:15-12:50 Class Class Class Class Class 
12:50-14:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch 



  Class   Class  


Christmas Holidays 

ULLC will not run any classes until 2021. 


Start Dates
Minimum entry requirements:  Beginners English
Minimum age:                          17 years
Maximum class size:               15 students

The General English Year Round Programme runs all year round and allows students to start class every week.  Classes start on a Monday, unless there is a public holiday. Monday 12 April 2021 is the first day of class in 2021.


The following weekly tuition rates apply:

Year Round 2-4 weeks 5-8 week 9-22 weeks 23+ weeks
Standard €240 per week €225 per week €220 per week €210 per week
Intensive €300 per week €285 per week €280 per week -

*A non refundable administration fee of €50 applies to all fees

Regular assessments will take place.