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Introduction to TEFL - DATES FOR 2022

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in, or a desire to know more about teaching English to speakers of other languages. It is aimed at people considering a career in ELT, students planning to travel and work abroad during vacations/gap years and/or anyone considering embarking on a CELTA course or committing to a lengthier more costly programme. It is an introduction and will help participants understand whether this is an area they would like to go into in more depth.

This "taster" course aims to explore all of the areas mentioned in the course outline below. Emphasis will be placed on learning about and trying out a range of the practical techniques commonly used in the TEFL classroom.

Week 1

Introduction; raising language and cultural awareness

Week 2

Classroom management and classroom layout/dynamics and roles 

Week 3 Introduction to teaching vocabulary and teaching grammar 
Week 4 Teaching the 4 skills - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking 
Week 5 Teaching pronunciation and lesson planning 1 (using published and self-made material)
Week 6 Integrated skills/error correction 
Week 7 Teaching grammar 2 
Week 8

Lesson planning 2 (templates, aims and objectives)/teaching practice preparation 1

Week 9 Teaching practice preparation 2/ELT review 
Week 10 Teaching practice session/end of course social and certificate presentation 


Monday Introduction; raising language awareness and cultural awareness 
Classroom management/layout/dynamics and roles
Tuesday Language levels/teaching vocabulary
Teaching grammar 
Wednesday Teaching the 4 skills - Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking 
Integrated skills/teaching pronunciation 

Error correction/lesson planning 1 (using published and self-made material)

Lesson planning 2 (templates, aims and objectives)/teaching practice preparation 1


Teaching practice preparation 2/ELT review

Teaching practice session/End of course social and certificate presentation 

Students are expected to observe all 'live' classes as part of the one-week course. This will involve attending some morning classes.

The course aims to:

  • increase the participants understanding of the nature of the English language
  • equip participants with basic understanding of how to plan and deliver a lesson
  • consider the importance of cultural awareness
  • provide participants with teaching ideas for future EFL teaching they may undertake
  • A ULLC certificate on full completion of the course 
Start Date Finish Date Duration Day/Time Fee(1)
11 Apr 2022 14 Apr 2022 4 days

Monday to Wednesday 14.00 to15.40 and 16.20 to18.00 

Thursday 09.00 to 10.45 and 11.15 to 12.50

Thursday 14.00 to 15.40 and 16.20 to 18.00


*Course fee includes a non refundable admin fee of €50
The deadline for applying is one week before the course start date

To secure a place on the course participants need to return the completed application form to the University of Limerick Language Centre along with full payment.
The deadline for applying is one week before the course start date.
Please note that this course will run subject to sufficient numbers.