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What authentication methods are available for SSPR?

You can turn on SSPR for your UL computer account by setting up at least one (1) of the following authentication methods (note existing staff will have already configured one of these methods as part of their MFA set up – an alternative email address isn’t supported on MFA):
  • Mobile app – Download the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app to receive a verification code for authentication. The mobile app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Note, you may have already downloaded and configured the Mobile app as part of your MFA set up.
  • Phone (Call / SMS) - Enrol a mobile phone number to receive a verification code for authentication. To work properly, phone numbers must be in the format +Country Code Phone Number, for example, +353 871234567. There needs to be a space between the country code and the phone number. Password reset does not support phone extensions. Even in the +353224255512 x 12345 format, extensions are removed before the call is placed. If you prefer to receive text messages, an SMS is sent to the mobile phone number containing a verification code. Enter the verification code provided in the login screen to continue. If you prefer to receive a phone call, an automated voice call is made to the phone number you provide. Answer the call and press # in the phone keypad to authenticate.
  • Email address – Enrol an alternate email address to receive a verification code for authentication, e.g.
Recommended authentication > for both MFA and SSPR will be the Mobile App > dependent on combined experience