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Visitor Accounts


  • In general, Visiting Lecturers, Adjuncts, visiting Researchers, visiting postgraduate students who are granted a UL ID card, may apply for an account (see Policy for Authorised Users to access e-resources and Computing Resources).  However, any case can be assessed individually. Requests for such accounts should come from Head of Departments or Departmental Co-ordinators with the reasons for the account request and the duration for which the account is required.
  • Contractors undertaking work for the University with temporary UL Identification Cards should route any request for an account through the area of the University responsible for managing the contract and the duration for which the account is required.
  • Requests for accounts from External Companies operating on campus must come from the company owner or his or her nominee with annual review.
  • Generic Accounts are only set up on an exceptional basis when requested. Examples include accounts for summer programmes whereby a single account will enable multiple log-ons. These accounts do not have a mailbox. Accounts are also created for restaurants on campus. These accounts have a mailbox but only local network access.
  • All contract, external company and generic accounts will not be able to access UL from off campus.
  • If there is any doubt as to the authenticity of the application, approval must be sought from either the Director of ITD or the IT Services Manager.