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UL Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) & Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) for Students & Staff 

Project Name:  University of Limerick Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) & Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) for Students & Staff  

What’s the project about? 
Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a security system that requires more than one method of authentication from an independent source to verify the user's identity for a logon or other transaction. 

The University of Limerick has been subject to a number of security attacks on student Microsoft Services over the last year. These attacks pose a major risk to our networks and computer systems, while they also have the potential to compromise critical systems and lead to data protection issues. 

The deployment of Multifactor Authentication has been recommended by the Data Protection Commission, as outlined in GDPR guidelines to enhance security processes and minimise the impact of phishing cyber-attacks. This project is one of an overall set of security measures being deployed by the University of Limerick.

In conjunction with MFA, Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) will be enabled for both students & staff. This will allow students and staff to reset their UL computer account password anywhere, anytime without the need to contact the ITD Service Desk.  Self-Service Password Reset can be used if users have forgotten their password, need to change their password, while also giving them the ability to unlock their account.

What does it mean for Students & Staff?
Students and staff with a University of Limerick Microsoft 365 account, are now periodically challenged for MFA when accessing Microsoft 365 services, e.g., Email, One Drive, Teams, and SharePoint when connecting to the network remotely. Students will not get challenged for MFA while in the Student villages or while on campus.

The project is active. All Students are enabled for MFA & SSPR. Staff have MFA enabled and are currently being enabled for SSPR. The combined experience (One authentication for both MFA & SSPR) for new starters is currently in the design stage.


The following is a summary of the key project activities and their status.