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Student COVID-19 Day-Pass Portal 

What is the Project About? 
In April 2021, ITD implemented a digital COVID-19 Day-Pass Portal, as part of the University’s COVID-19 Prevention and Control measures. The Portal was initially introduced on a pilot basis, in order to further strengthen COVID-19 protocols that were already in place and ultimately help prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the UL campus community. The Portal provided a means of reassuring staff, particularly student-facing staff, that the students present did not have any symptoms of COVID-19. 

What does it mean for our Students? 
During the Pilot phase, Students were requested to show their Day-Pass on a daily basis when gaining access to the Library, Lectures and Modules. The wider Pilot ended on May 17th 2021, however the the COVID-19 Day-Pass Portal is still being utilised by a cohort of Students attending Clinical Placement. There was additional added value for our colleagues within the School of Medicine and Nursing & Midwifery, who are leveraging the Day-Pass reporting, which is driving efficiencies within those areas on a daily basis, replacing manual paper processes. 

The overall project is fully complete.

Project Close

19 Day Covid Pass