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Sponsored Guest Solution

Sponsored Guest Solution

This option is only available to people who are working or living on campus for a number of months. (A person who does not have a UL staff/student account or is not already registered on eduroam at another higher education institute).

A member of the University of Limerick staff must approve (sponsor) access to the sponsored Guest solution, which will be valid for one year. The sponsor will need to log a call with ITD via TopDesk to be included in the list of sponsors on the Guest Portal.

How to Request Sponsored Access:

  • Select Sponsored Access Request at the bottom of the screen.

Sponsored Access

  • Complete the registration form
    • Enter the email address of the UL staff account who will be sponsoring your request. Note: If your sponsor is not listed, the sponsor will need to log a call to ITD via TopDesk. Navigate to the Connection & WiFi section, select ‘Guest WiFi Sponsor Request’ and fill out the reason for the request in the free text field.
    • Once you sponsor is listed on the Guest Portal, enter your name (the guest) so the sponsor will know who is making the request. If not valid, the sponsor will not sponsor your account.
    • When complete click Register.

Registration Form

  • Your Sponsor will receive an email and will need to review and then click the link in the email to sponsor the account.

Activaction Link

Activation Time

  • When the account is sponsored / approved, you will be able to login using your email address that you registered with and the code that was emailed to you. (You will also receive a text message if you entered a phone number when registering)
  • On the home screen select sponsored access login if prompted or on another device you want to connect to ul_guest using the same credentials.

Guest Signup

  • . Login using email address you registered with and password emailed to you.

Link to: Policies and Procedures