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Desktop Phones

The cost of all calls made from each extension is charged monthly to each department. A summary file of calls made by each extension and a detail file of each call made by an extension are emailed to every Department head.

If ringing from outside the University, then prefix the extension number with:

+353 (0)61 20 for the number range 2000 to 2999
+353 (0)61 21 for the number range 3000 to 3199, 3300 to 3599
+353 (0)61 23 for the number range 3200 to 3299, 3600 to 3799; 4100 to 4299; 7000 to 7999

Telephone Services

REQUEST A NEW TELEPHONE EXTENSION – this request should come from a Department Administrator or Head to authorise the on-going call charges and handset cost (€150)

PHONE FAULTS – when reporting a fault, give a brief description of the problem, a location & port number.  Not being able to dial an external or international number is not a fault – your class of service needs to be extended and this should be reported by your department Administrator or head to authorise the charges (Change phone information).

​MOVING A PHONE or CHANGE PHONE INFORMATION – Move requests for a phone should be arranged with the Buildings & Estates Division who will then schedule the move with us. An exception is moving a telephone within the same office.  A phone change is changing the display name of a phone or class of service

REMOVE A PHONE – if you wish to remove a telephone from a room or bill

List of Frequently Asked Questions is available here

Contact the to request any of the following documentation.

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