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Student Printing Service

ITD have a new system in place for Student printing. We have a quickstart guide here

ITD have a new system in place for student printing. To print from a phone, tablet or other personal device, please refer to the following guide.

Printing from other devices

Printing from a personal device

ITD have new MFP printers installed around campus.  You can now print, scan or copy at the printers. An instruction guide and be found here

The Print IT team recommend the following types of binding:

Binding costs €4 per document

Binding Services available online at or via the Print Room

Type of Document

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding at Print IT

Spiral/Ring Binding

spiral binding

Fast-back/Soft Binding

fast back binding

Final Year Projects





Annual Report

Conference Papers



Conference Material






Co-Op Reports





Office Reports


Course Work


Promotional Material


Academic Reports



  • A4 black and white 7c per page
  • A4 black and white 14c per sheet (i.e. 7c per page)
  • A4 colour 20c per page
  • A3 black and white 14c per page
  • A3 colour 40c per page

Printing is set to duplex by default on all printers.  You can choose to print on a single side by choosing this option in the print dialog box.

ITD provides a range of printing services to students as follows:
  • Online Print Shop - A range of products available to order at such as  Bound Booklets, Brochures, Large Format (A2 to A0).  A user guide to the online system can be found here.
  • Printing Reports/FYPs via cash sales or print credits
  • Sale of student lecture notes
  • Sale of student Print Credits for on-line printing
  • Print finishing services - binding, laminating etc.

Print Room : Phone Number: 061 20 2515

Location: E1-005 in Main Building

UL workflow

  • The Budget page shows your current balance and previously printed jobs.

  • Secure Print Jobs shows any jobs that are waiting to be printed.
  • You can delete jobs here or set them not to auto release. This can be helpful if you need to adjust the print setting of the job at the device before printing it.