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Room Booking Information

How do I book an ITD Lab room?

Complete the room booking form on the ITD website and return to the email provided. Please include all requirements technical and otherwise. Once the form has been reviewed by ITD, a confirmation email will be sent along with an invoice where applicable.  Note: All external providers or visiting lecturers  will need to contact ITD ( to request a logon account to access PC’s in all  teaching spaces.  

ITD Room Booking Request Form

No, only ITD Labs are managed and booked through ITD. The room numbers are as follows (A1089, A1084A, A0060A, A0060B, KB121A, KB121B, and S119).

No, only rooms in the Kemmy Business School, Schuman Buildings and Health Science Building are available outside of 09h00 to 18h00 weeks 1-15. 

Yes, they are provided with a full list of all such bookings daily.

UL staff MAY be charged for booking rooms ‘out of hours’ once form has been completed we will be in a position to advise on same. 

No, but a lecturer or the Students Union may book a room on their behalf.

Yes, they must complete the Room Booking form and provide a Certificate of Public & Employee Liability Insurance.  They also need to supply invoice details. Note:  External educational providers offering programs, which may be regarded as similar to those, offered by UL, will not be afforded access to University facilities without the express permission of the Office of the VPA&R.  All external providers or visiting lecturers will need to contact ITD ( to request a logon account to access PC’s in all  teaching spaces.

The UL Accounts department will send an invoice to the person who has booked the room.

Please fill out the form and your requirements and we will contact the AV support in relation to AV facilities and support.

SAA take in semester bookings up to WK 3 of each calendar semester, which are visible on the online timetable. Computer lab bookings are displayed locally in the labs and are managed by ITD.