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Using Email and Office 365

Students are provided with one drive for cloud storage of 5gb. One drive can be accessed from a student desktop or online via a student email account. A full support document is available here

Outlook Webmail

  1. Log into your Office 365 Outlook mailbox, www.studentmail.ul.ie
  2. Click on the grid icon on the top right of the web page:


  1. Then click on the OneDrive icon:



Creating a New Document

  1. Click on New, Word Document
  2.  Add text to your document
  3. To rename your document, click on the grid icon on the left and click on OneDrive:

Word online

  1. Select the document and click Rename:

Rename Document

  1. Type in the new name and click Save:


  1. View the renamed document in your list of files:


Click the My OneDrive link on the SharePoint Student Portal (Useful Links):

Student Portal

Useful Links

  1. If Microsoft Word is available on your system, you can use the full functionality of a local installation of Microsoft Word – click Edit in Word from the Edit Document option:

Edit in Word

  1. Click OK to open the file:

Open the file

  1. Click on your student account:

Student Account

  1. Click the Work or school account option:

Work or School Account

  1. Quickly tick Keep me signed in:

Office 365

  1. Once your document is loaded into Microsoft Word, you need to click on Enable Editing:

Microsoft Word

Enable Editing

  1. Update your document and save your changes.  Changes are saved to your OneDrive.


  1. Click on the OneDrive icon in the grid to view your files:

Uploading a file

One Drive

  1. Click Upload and choose a File to Upload:


View uploaded File

  1. View the uploaded file in your Files list:

Files List

In addition to Word Online, you can use Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, OneNote Online and Project Online.

The University of Limerick has guidelines and regulations for the usage of Email. The regulations can be found in the following support documents.

Email Regulations (document) and Email Etiquette (document).

When a student logs into their UL student email account they can click on Settings, Options where they will see a link *forward your email* or alternatively type “forward email” in the search bar within office 365 mail. A support document is available here.


The University of Limerick does not support personal email accounts.

It does not take responsibility for any emails that may get lost / not delivered from supported student email system

Email accounts expire 90 days after the date of graduation. Students should set forwarding email up in their accounts post-graduation. See forwarding Email Section. A student cannot get access to their email account, one drive, office apps, SULIS or library once their account has expired.

Advisory:  Please note that all Office 365 Licences will be revoked and your Office 365 account deleted approximately 90 days after you graduate or cease studies at UL.
Please ensure that you have backed up your data from your OneDrive and all important emails from your mailbox before your account is deleted.
You may need to register a new email address with your social media, online shopping sites.  You will be alerted by email as your Office 365 account approaches its deletion date.