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External Access

A number of the IT services available to staff when they are working on campus are also available to be used from home and public wireless access points (use from Internet Cafes is not recommended).

Services such as your staff email can be directly accessed via the browser without the requirement of running up a VPN client.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a way to provide a secure connection between remote users and internal network resources. The UL SSL-VPN service can provide RDP access to your internal machine and additional services.

Windows: (Windows 10, 8 & 7)
Install Instructions:
Install File:

Mac: (Mountain Lion or Later)
Install Instructions:
Install File: (mac OSX v10.8 Mountain Lion or higher)

Install File:

Email Browser  
SULIS Browser  
UL Web Site Browser  
SI Portal Browser  
Core Portal SSLVPN and Browser  
Sharepoint Browser  
Library Database EZ Proxy  
Remote Access to your PC SSLVPN and Browser  
Agresso* SSLVPN and Browser IE Access
ULRIS (Research Informations System) SSLVPN and Browser  
Log an IT call SSLVPN and Browser  

* Please note you may be prompted for your UL username and password, please input ul\firstname.lastname as your username.

Accessing Agresso using Internet Explorer  - WORKAROUND
  • In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options and then click on the Security Tab 
  • Underneath Trusted Site, click Custom Level 
  • In the Security Settings - Trusted Sites Zone, scroll down to User Authentication and select 'Prompt for user name and password
  • Click OK until you exit.
At your next logon to Agresso you will be prompted for your UL username and password to access Agresso. This will be in the form of UL\firstname.lastname.

With Remote Desktop you can have access to a windows session from your home PC to your office PC.   The main reason you would need to setup a remote desktop session to   your  office PC is to access files on the hard drive of your office PC and files on network shares.