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Turnitin is a web-based writing assessment toolkit which allows instructors to provide feedback to students through markup tools, rubrics, proofing tools and originality reports to detect plagiarism. Turnitin also provides peer review options.

Turnitin is available in all Sulis sites through the Assignments tool. The instructor clicks ‘Use Turnitin’ at assignment setup and all student submissions are sent to Turnitin for Originality Checking.Turnitin

To use Turnitin independently of Sulis, Instructors must register by logging a call to the


Turnitin Support (handbooks, interactive tutorials and videos)
Turnitin Resources (webinars, research and case studies)
UL Plagiarism Guidelines (add document) (CTL Resource for faculty)
Student Handbook (see Appendix 3: Plagairism at College, p59)