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To Book an ITD Managed Lab please go to  Select ITD Room Bookings and then click on the Tile ITD Managed Labs

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Room Booking Information
ITD Room Booking Request Form  (Internal Bookings) External Bookings Only

The Executive Committee has adopted the following policy statement

  • Any educational providers offering programmes, which may be regarded as similar to those, offered by UL will not be afforded access to University facilities without the express permission of the Office of the VPA&R
  • To ensure that the above policy is implemented in a consistent fashion the following system will apply to the allocation of facilities for events which are not subject to normal scheduling and room booking procedures
  • No member of faculty or staff may use the facilities of the University without booking them in accordance with the approved procedures
  • No University facilities will be afforded to external agencies or individuals unless a formal application is made in writing
  • All requests for the use of facilities must be made through the completion of the official booking form