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Access UL IT Services from outside the University

A number of the IT services available to staff when they are working on campus are also available to be used from home and  public wireless access points (use from Internet Cafes is not recommended).

Some services , such as Email Access, access to the University web servers can be just accessed from your browser by giving the necessary URL.

Library E-Resources are available using the EZProxy service - (/web/WWW/Services/Library/How_Do_I_.../Access_Electronic_Resources)

To avoid hacking attempts there is enhanced security on services such as access to Agresso and Core Portal. To access these services it is necessary to load an additional piece of software onto your computer called SSLVPN. This is not available for Student IDs. You can download this software by following instructions at these links:

For Windows -

For MAC -


As the instructions indicate you launch the SSLVPN program and the first time you use the service you give the server address as You won't be required to give this again.


For those staff who like the full technical information only the following are ports are allowed - SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, Remote Desktop, FTP, IMAP/POP and VNC.

After accessing a UL service you should disconnect from the SSLVPN program by clicking the Disconnect button before accessing your normal internet sites (if you don't do this you may have problems accessing particular sites).

IT Service Requirement
Email Browser
Sulis Browser
Website Browser
Si Portal Browser
Core Portal SSLVPN and browser
UL Portal (Sharepoint) browser
Library Database  EZ Proxy
Remote Access to your PC SSLVPN and browser
Agresso* SSLVPN and browser
ULRIS (research information system) SSLVPN and browser
Log an IT call  SSLVPN and browser

* Please note you may be prompted for your UL username and password, please input ul\firstname.lastname as your username.