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Introduction of CAO Common Entry Courses

CEP project - Identify, develop & implement a sustainable SRS solution for the deployment of UL’s 9 Common Entry Programmes (CEPs) being introduced for the 2017/18 academic year.

The adoption of new CEPs to support HEA initiatives requires the creation of those programmes and new CAO Course Codes, and establishment of new programme codes and automated mechanisms for managing students’ navigation within the SRS throughout the student lifecycle.   The academic model that is in place at present and the current configuration of the SRS are at odds with the new CEPs.   In particular, the SRS cannot support creation and management of new CEPs, their structure, and how students can enter into the CEPs and migrate from them to denominated degrees.   Further, SRS is not configured to gather and manage student choices, facilitate faculty review/approval of those choices, and establish caps on the number of students within the programmes.