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Setup your account on a desktop (Authenticator app) 

Go to and enter your UL email address. Click Next. 

Students:    (e.g. 

Staff:     (e.g.

  • Enter your UL password

  • On your first login you will be asked for more information. Click “Next”

  • Install the Microsoft authenticator app on your Android/iOS device
    Click “Next”. 

  • Follow the instructions to setup your account. Click “Next”

  • Open the authenticator app and add a new work or school account. Click QR code
    Scan the QR code on screen with the authenticator app. 

  • Approve the notification pop up in the authenticator app

  • Click “Next”

  • You have successfully registered your security information. Click “Done”

  • If this is your first-time logging in, you will be required to update your UL password