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How do I get connected to the Wireless Network?

Staff ITD Managed Device
Please connect to the eduroam network and enter your network credentials.

Staff & Student Personal Device
Please connect to the eduroam network. For initial connection please connect to setup_eduroam and follow the on screen instructions.

Student Gaming Devices in the Residence areas
Please connect to the ul_villages_iot network and follow the instructions as outlined in the link below.

eduroam network

  • This network should be used for standard personal devices

Personal Devices

  • For initial setup on each device, please connect to the setup_eduroam wireless network.

Detailed guide for all device categories

  • Once the initial set up has been completed please verify that you are connected to the eduroam network on each device.
  • If you update your password your device will prompt you for your username and new password.

ul_villages_iot network (gaming devices in the Student Residences Areas ONLY)

  • This network should be used for gaming devices

Gaming Devices

  • Students must first have connected to the eduroam network
  • To register your gaming device go to the following link https://guest.ul.ie/guest/auth_login.php
  • Log in using your student ID and computer account password.

Operator Login

  • Create the device you want to connect to the wireless network on the Portal:
  • Select Create Device
  • Enter wireless MAC Address of the device you want to connect to the network
    • PlayStation – settings / system / system information (register wireless MAC address)
    • Xbox -  setting / network / advanced settings (register wireless MAC address)
  • Create a Device Name, Accept Terms of Use

Gaming login

  • After you have created the device you will receive confirmation that the device has been set up.

    [Optional] Select Managed Devices to view, edit or remove the device.

Clear Pass

  • You can now connect the device you just registered to the ul_villages_iot network.

                           Student Residence Smart TV

                   Network Connection Setup Document


Smart TV’s provided by Campus Life Services are connected to the network via a wired connection where available. If a wired connection is not available, the TV should be connected to the wireless network (currently only applicable in Dromroe Student Residence).

1. Turn off Hotel Mode (As per instructions above)
2. Set the Network Type to “Wireless”
  • Press Menu on remote
  • Select Network/Internet Settings

Network Connection

  •  Choose “Wireless” network


  • Click okay to scan for networks
  • Select SSID villagename-apttv
  • Enter pre shared key (Residence Manager only)
  • Exit and Return to main Menu


1.Turn Hotel Mode On (As per instructions above)