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New Employee Checklist

The Departmental Co-ordinator or Head of the Department requests the account for the new user by logging a call with the Service Desk. Please provide the following - 

  • Full name (incl any middle initials)
  • ID Number | Department
  • Room number
  • Phone number

The account will be created within three working days of the request being made given that all the required information above is given.

If your department has assigned you a new desktop or Laptop you will need to log a call with ITD to complete the configuration of this machine. Please do not turn the equipment on as the computer needs to be connected to the network to complete the setup.   If you have been assigned a PC\Laptop that is already setup and configured please see Logging on for the first time and setting up your profile

Logging On - Your department administrator will have given you a password for your UL account in the following format - Username:Firstname.Lastname and Password: Supplied by department administrator.

A UL account is required to access IT services provided by UL, e.g., Email, Sulis, Microsoft Teams & OneDrive for Business. An account consists of a username and a password, and for security reasons, Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is required to access IT services from home / off-campus.

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) enables you to reset your UL computer account password (e.g., your UL email or Sulis password) anywhere anytime without the need to contact our Service Desk.
You will need to Activate your Account before you can access IT Services by doing the following:

  1. Register for Multifactor Authentication (MFA) & Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)
  2. Change your initial password.

For further information please click here

For information on Setting up your mail profile please go to and click on  MY WORKSTATION,  EMAIL, ONEDRIVE FOR BUSINESS AND OFFICE 365 APPS,  STAFF EMAIL and GET CONNECTED.


UL’s OneDrive for Business is the university’s recommended option for cloud-based storage of personal work files. It provides a place for UL staff and registered students to store, edit and share their work, is compatible with most devices and interacts seamlessly with Office 365 collaboration features, such as enabling multiple users to work on Office 365 documents simultaneously. For further information please go to then click on MY WORKSTATION  EMAIL, ONEDRIVE FOR BUSINESS AND OFFICE 365 APPS  OFFICE 365 APPS  ONEDRIVE FOR BUSINESS  WHAT IS ONEDRIVE FOR BUSINESS.

Note: Any data stored on the C:\ drive of your PC\Laptop is not backed up by ITD.  You are responsible for the backup of any data on your local machine.


For Information on recommended hardware, please go to then click on MY WORKSTATION COMPUTERS AND LAPTOPS

Please see Software for Staff for further information.

What is SharePoint 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is UL’s chosen suite of collaboration tools to support the teaching, learning, research and administrative activities. A component of the University’s subscription is SharePoint 365 collaboration platform which integrates with a variety of Microsoft Office 365 applications and services.

SharePoint 365 enables the digital transformation of business processes and includes key enhancements like Co-Authoring (multiple users working on documents without requiring check out), remote collaboration and enhanced search. By adopting a cloud platform like SharePoint 365 for our document management we can remove the boundaries that may currently impede collaboration.

This move to the cloud platform means that information is always available in a familiar environment, ready to be accessed by a simple search.  Users can easily create, store, collaborate and share content through the use of Modern SharePoint sites and document libraries, access internal sites, documents, and other information from anywhere - at the office or at home.

SharePoint Migration Project

Over the past 18 months ITD has been working with departmental SharePoint site owners to move content from SharePoint 2010 as well as selected fileshares on-premise to SharePoint online. This project is due to complete in June 2021. If your site is currently on Sharepoint 2010, the project team will be contacting you in due course to agree migration dates and bring you through the process. 

ITD Training

SharePoint 365 Drop in Clinic

ITD runs a drop in Clinic for SharePoint every fortnight to provide follow-up support for those who wish to field any emerging questions in regard to the new platform.

If you’re are interested in attending, please click here to save the invite. 


Office 365 Document Lifecycle

Office 365 Document Lifecycle

Click here to view our decision making guide to assist you with where you can store your data.

Require a New Site or a Consultation?

Help is always available through our support team, please click here to log a call.

Require Training?

SharePoint Site Owner training is currently being run by the Project Team. If you are a site owner and wish to attend, please log a call and ITD will revert back to you with the next SharePoint Site Owner training dates.

SharePoint End User training is being run by HR, so you can mail or contact any member from the HR Learning & Development Team.  This course will run every 6-8 weeks