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New Students

First Steps to Computing in UL

All students must complete the enrolment process when starting for the first time in UL. As part of that enrolment process, students must do three things:

Step One - Active your computer account.  Simply go to any of the computer labs on campus and log onto a PC.  How?  press CTRL + ALT + DEL | enter your student ID Number and your Date of Birth (01Dec1999) if you have not personalised online after enrolment | Click OK

Step Two - Reset your initial password 

Step Three - Register to use the SMS Password Reset Facility

PLEASE NOTE:  Your Student Computer Account is used to access all material relating to your academic studies at UL

First Steps Instruction

After the initial steps for enrolment are completed. Students will have access to the student email system (Office 365 provided by Microsoft).  For details on how to login see the email section

Office 2016 is available for download through Office 365 mail. Instructions and details are in the software section

  • Student records and Module registration - All student record and Student portal access queries should be directed to the Student Academic Administration office at SAA@ul.ie. This includes registration, records or transcript queries.
  • Software Checkout for Installation - For library queries which include library fees, software checkout such as NVIVO or SPSS should be directed to the library information desk or libinfo@ul.ie
  • Other Library Resources - Other queries on aspects of Endnote, eduroam access and library resources can be directed towards the library support desk on the ground floor of the Library
  • SULIS Queries - Once a student has registered for a module, it takes 24hrs for this information to be populated to the SULIS platform. Content will be available as long as it is published by individual lecturers. Students should always check with their lecturers that the content is published on SULIS and that the student is added to the module correctly.
  • ITSS@ul.ie - For IT issues arising in ITD labs, students can submit support requests and queries through the ITSS mailbox (ITSS@ul.ie) which are acknowledged by an automated reply and followed up by one of the Computer lab Assistants (CLAs), or the CLA Supervisor.