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HR Online Recruitment Packs

What’s the Project About? 

Following on from an initial proof of concept, the scope of this project was to deliver an Online Form and Workflow solution that catered for all type of recruitment packs including: 

  • Academic & Support Staff 

  • Administration 

  • Research 

  • Research (Fellowship) 

  • Short Term Contract \ Hourly \ Unijobs 

The online platform has replaced existing, manual, paper-based form processes. The solution will help drive efficiencies by reducing the time and effort of processing paper forms. There are three key components to the Online Recruitment Packs: 

  1. Ability to complete & submit Online Forms (PowerApps).  

  1. Ability to assign the Online Form through the various stages of the given approval process electronically, triggering approval e-mails (PowerAutomate). 

  1. Reporting – This captures the status of a process, who currently owns the process as well as capturing the full audit trail of the process, including the respective data fields, date and time stamps (Sharepoint Online). 


What does this mean for you? 

Staff across the campus will now need to submit their upcoming packs by using the online solution. This will enable the staff member to track their pack using the online tracker so they will always have full visibility of the approval lifecycle. The solution also offers the use of Templates for commonly used packs, Sharing and Co-authoring, while it also offers staff members to Copy existing. Access to Online Recruitment Packs can found through the following link. 



This project is now officially closed.