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Email Policies & Procedures

Only current students will have access to UL email. A current student is one that is currently enrolled and registered for modules in the current semester

Following the Graduation Ceremonies in August 2015 any student who has a graduated status will have their email account discontinued 3 months following the date of graduation.

The first implementation of this occurred in November 2015 and included any past students who have graduated or left the University in previous years.

 Moving on from this, the procedure will be repeated on a rolling basis with accounts being removed 3 months following a student graduating from the University or leaving for other reasons.

Students on a leave of absence or other deferral type will not have their accounts deleted however students will not have access to their email, library or Sulis for the duration of absence. 

Advisory:  Please note that all Office 365 Licences will be revoked and your Office 365 account deleted approximately 90 days after you graduate or cease studies at UL.
Please ensure that you have backed up your data from your OneDrive and all important emails from your mailbox before your account is deleted.
You may need to register a new email address with your social media, online shopping sites.  You will be alerted by email as your Office 365 account approaches its deletion date.