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This Project list was updated in February 2021.

Project Name:  University of Limerick Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) & Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) for Students & Staff 

What’s the project about?
Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a security system that requires more than one method of authentication from an independent source to verify the user's identity for a logon or other transaction.

The University of Limerick has been subject to a number of security attacks on student Microsoft Services over the last year. These attacks pose a major risk to our networks and computer systems, while they also have the potential to compromise critical systems and lead to data protection issues.

The deployment of Multifactor Authentication has been recommended by the Data Protection Commission, as outlined in GDPR guidelines to enhance security processes and minimise the impact of phishing cyber-attacks. This project is one of an overall set of security measures being deployed by the University of Limerick.

In conjunction with MFA, Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) will be enabled for both students & staff. This will allow students and staff to reset their UL computer account password anywhere, anytime without the need to contact the ITD Service Desk.  Self-Service Password Reset can be used if users have forgotten their password, need to change their password, while also giving them the ability to unlock their account.

What does it mean for Students & Staff?
Students and staff with a University of Limerick Microsoft 365 account, are now periodically challenged for MFA when accessing Microsoft 365 services, e.g., Email, One Drive, Teams, and SharePoint when connecting to the network remotely. Students will not get challenged for MFA while in the Student villages or while on campus.

The project is active. All Students are enabled for MFA & SSPR. Staff have MFA enabled and are currently being enabled for SSPR. The combined experience (One authentication for both MFA & SSPR) for new starters is currently in the design stage.


The following is a summary of the key project activities and their status.  



Project Name: Radius Implementation for GPS

What is the project about?
As part of its strategy, the University of Limerick aims to increase the number of postgraduate, professional studies and international students in its student numbers. The importance of engaging with and maintaining relationships with prospective students, international agents/partners and industry contacts is key to the conversion of applicants into students.

To support this strategy, ITD, working with the Graduate Processional Studies and UL Global departments, have recently commenced a project to deploy the Radius CRM for select areas of the graduate admissions process. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System is a technology product, used by companies to help manage interactions with current and potential customers. Radius is a leading cloud based CRM System, which is used by Universities throughout the world to develop a communications and engagement strategy with prospective students.

This project involves deploying the Radius CRM to manage select engagements and campaigns between the University of Limerick and applicants to Taught Postgraduate Programmes, Taught Professional Development Programmes and Non-EU applicants to Undergraduate Fulltime Programmes.

What does it mean for you?
This project will provide a technology tool to help the Graduate Professional Studies (GPS) and UL Global (ULG) teams to develop a communications and engagement strategy with prospective students, from the application stage through to student registration. Applicants will receive an enhanced experience from their interactions with the University of Limerick.

The project is currently in the Planning Phase. The project scope is agreed and detailed requirements are currently being defined.

The project is in the Plan Phase, status Green.

The following is a summary of the key project activities and their status. 

Project Activity



Project Name - TOPdesk Implementation – Academic Registry

What is the Project About?

The objective of this project is to implement TOPdesk (UL’s ticketing solution) into the Academic Registry Division. The solution, which is widely used in ITD, will help the Academic Registry area to manage their services. It will enable them to track and record all issues and queries logged by our Students, which will drive efficiencies within the service for both Students and Staff.

What does it mean for our Students?

The solution will deliver a seamless and enhanced experience for our Students. Student’s now have the ability to log their own support call using Student Hub Online which is the TOPdesk self-service portal. Student Hub Online will also allow the Student to view and update their existing calls, while they will also have the capability of viewing FAQs & Knowledge items. Student calls can also be assigned between Academic Registry and ITD which will also deliver a better experience for our Students.


The overall project is almost complete, it is about to enter the Close Phase, status Green.


Student Hub Online

Student Hub Hotline

Project Name - Panopto Lecture Capture Project 

What’s the project about?

The main purpose of the project is to facilitate the Academic Principle (published and approved by COVID Academic Monitoring Planning Group) that Academics would pre-record lectures and that face to face time would be prioritized for tutorials.

To enable this, Lecture Capture technology (both software and hardware) was required to be available in teaching spaces and accessed remotely via UL Managed devices.

Panopto” is the leading video content management system for Higher Education and has been selected by the University of Limerick for this project, with a campus wide license secured in August 2020.

In addition, ITD purchased recording equipment for lecture capture with over one hundred and twenty teaching spaces now equipped with recording facilities.

ITD also purchased mobile video and audio recording kits which can be used in non-standard teaching spaces to record hi-quality audio and video resources. Each kit consists of a high-end recording equipment which will be allocated to each faculty.

What does it mean for you? 

For staff:

  • Record video content from any PC, Mac or mobile device and is available in primary teaching spaces on Campus.
  • Full control of the recording process (on-screen presentation with audio\video camera).
  • Recordings can be edited and slides can be attached with interactive quizzes.
  • Playlists can be created to easily group related recordings for your students.
  • Recorded content is shared in a secure manner and Staff have control over when a resource is shared and with whom.
  • Assignment folders can be setup in Sulis where students can simply, and securely, upload their video assignments for review 

For students:

  • Panopto provides a simpler method of accessing video content.
  • Video recording will be available for viewing directly in Sulis. The online web player is compatible with all PC, Mac and mobile devices.
  • Access to any video shared in their video library.
  • Ability to review key sections of the lecture recordings to assist in the learning process.
  • Easily search any video for specific words or phrases, enabling Students to quickly find relevant information.
  • Ability to change the video quality & playback speed based on their own specific needs and broadband connection speed. 


The project is in the Execute Phase, status Green.

Semester 1 Usage Figures

  • 8.7 Million Minutes delivered (6093 days)
  • On Average 8500 Unique users of Panopto each week
  • 676,741 views/downloads of videos in Panopto
  • 11,750 registered users
  • Over 8000 videos created


The following is a summary of the key project activities and their status. 

Ponopto Activity

Further information on Panopto is available on TOPdesk portal and also on the LTF Website.  


Project Name - Data Centre Equipment Upgrade

What’s the Project About?

Virtualisation of UL Data Centre to new fit for purpose fully virtualised Vxrail servers, which also includes a new Commvault data backup solution. This delivers a world-class, secure, tried and tested solution that underpins the University’s digital transformation.

What does the Project Mean for You?

This project included the data centre migration, installation of large-scale changes including virtualisation of fully supported hardware to provide stability of our key systems running on the UL platform. This solution will improve its capabilities, performance, efficiency and scalability. It will also safeguard the University’s data retrieval process going forward.

70 legacy servers and backup units have been decommissioned, this will deliver significant savings on power consumption to the Campus, while also improving service availability.


This project is almost at completion stage and due for closure by the end of February.

The overall project is in the Execute Phase, status Green.


The following is a summary of the key project activities and their status. 

Project Activity

Project Name: - Cloud Desktop Transformation Project

What’s the project about?
The University of Limerick plan to implement a Cloud Desktop solution to provide additional remote access for students and staff to digital services. Currently, remote access to IT services is provided by a VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution. 

The purpose of this project is to implement a solution to allow staff and students to access their desktop and applications located on a remote server, from anywhere, on any endpoint device. The project will initially focus on a defined set of pilot users and will be rolled out to additional users based on the results from the pilot. 

What does it mean for you?
This project will enable students to access software or applications, which are currently available in the ITD managed campus labs, via a remote virtual solution. Staff will be able to access applications such as Agresso and Core HR from any remote location without having to leverage the VPN solution or connect to a campus based device.

Approximately 40 staff and student users have recently piloted the solution. The feedback has been very positive to date. The pilot has highlighted performance issues with the SI application in the virtual environment and therefore cannot be supported by the solution. The system is currently being rolled out to additional users for in scope applications.

The project is in the Execute Phase, status Green. 

The following is a summary of the key project activities and their status.
Project Activity

Project Name - University of Limerick Campus Wi-Fi Project

What’s the project about?

As part of the DIGITALEVOLUTION@UL IT program of work, ITD are currently carrying out a number of major strategic investments in the University IT infrastructure and systems. The Campus Wi-Fi project is part of this investment and will provide enhanced wireless coverage for all buildings and select outdoor spaces throughout the campus.

All students and staff will access the new wireless network via eduroam. Eduroam is a secure international roaming infrastructure used by affiliated educational facilities to allow their staff and students to visit other participating institutions and continue to have wireless connectivity.

This project will greatly enhance the teaching and learning experience for the 15,000 students on the campus and provide significant benefits for the staff and guest population who require access to our wireless network.

What does it mean for you?

As part of the project, students and staff will see increased wireless coverage throughout the campus. The installation work is almost complete, the quality of the wireless signal has been significantly improved and can now support video, voice and data requirements.

All users will access the wireless network via eduroam. This change has is underway, the ‘ulwireless’ network has recently been retired and ‘ULsecure’ will be removed in December. Visitors to the university campus will access the wireless network through the new authentication-based Guest solution, which has recently been deployed. 


The overall project is in the Sustain Phase, status Green.

Campus Wifi Status

The following is a summary of the key project activities and their status.

Campus Wifi Activity

Access to Wireless Services

Project Name - SharePoint Migration to Office 365

Sharepoint Migration

What is the Project?
Migration of your departments data from your existing SharePoint 2010 environment to SharePoint 365. With this new platform, document management and collaboration will be simplified. Security will be streamlined and improved for all users across the systems.
The end vision for this project is to provide a stable and secure solution that can facilitate intelligent content management and a modern user experience for staff.
What does it mean for you?
  • ITD will contact impacted departments well in advance relating to their SharePoint migration to jointly agree timelines.
  • Migration of SharePoint sites from the current platform to SharePoint 365 is a ‘Lift and Shift’ of user data.
  • SharePoint Site Owners input will be required to plan the new structure.
  • Workshop Training is provided to department SharePoint champions\site owners.
  • Training Materials and fortnightly virtual Drop-in Clinic Support are available; UL SHAREPOINT 365 TRAINING CENTRE
  • New User Experience on SharePoint 365
    • New clean look and feel.
    • Improved Search functionality.
    • Office Integration.
    • Versioning and Co-Authoring.
    • Updated Document Management Structure.

This is an exciting development which will provide a further integration of the Microsoft suite of services for staff at the University of Limerick.


The overall project is in the Execute Phase, status Green.


The following is a summary of the key project activities and their status.

Project Name - Windows 7 to Windows 10 Migration

What’s the Project About?

The University of Limerick currently has a mixture of both Windows 7 and Windows 10 Laptops and Desktops.  Windows 7 is no longer a supported model from Microsoft. Due to Covid-19  the University has decided that best practice is to purchase laptops instead of desktops which will reduce the number of desktops that will need to be upgraded.

What does the Project Mean for You?

Microsoft support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020, however the University of Limerick has received an extension from Microsoft to upgrade all relevant hardware by 14th January 2022.

After that date, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7 and any device still running this version of Windows will become more vulnerable to security risks.

All staff that are using a UL Managed Windows 7 device will be contacted by the Project Team to bring you through the Migration process.


ITD are in the process of contacting each department to help bring this project to a conclusion and to discuss how this project will affect their areas and to develop a local plan for Windows 10 rollout.

ITD are planning to complete the upgrade of all remaining Windows 7 by June 2021 These will be user-led upgrades with ITD support when required. Over a 1000 devices have already been successfully upgraded/replaced.

The overall project is in the Execute Phase, status Green.


The following is a summary of the key project activities and their status.

WLindows 7 Project Activity
Windows 7 Reason for Upgrade

Project Name - Teaching Spaces Digital Refurbishment Project

What’s the project about?

The project involves enhancing the teaching spaces to improve the digital experience and ensure a consistent service for lecturers and students. This involves the installation of new tamper proof podiums, projectors, screens, audio, controllers, visualisers and additional whiteboards.

What does it mean for you?

Lecturers & Students will benefit from a reliable teaching environment that’s easy to use. ITD have seen a reduction in calls due to the upgraded equipment and better cable management. With the continued progress, ITD is be able to remotely view and control the AV equipment without having to physically go to the teaching space.


24 rooms have been completed since December 2020, bringing the total of refurbished spaces to 88. Additionally, with the constant evolving of technology, we will be revisiting 32 rooms from Phase 1, to ensure that they are upgraded to the defined standard, including tamper proof podiums, visualisers and remote monitoring through Crestron Fusion.

The overall project is in the Execute Phase, status Green.

General Teaching Spaces Status
The following is a summary of the key project activities and their status.
General Teaching Spaces Activity
Podium before upgrade
Pordium 2
Podium after upgrade