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22-23 September 2022
25th Anniversary Conference of the Centre for Irish-German Studies

The Centre for Irish-German Studies is proudly celebrating 25 successful years of research, teaching, international conferences and many other events with its 19th conference, entitled 1997-2022: Reflecting – Connecting – Transforming - In Honour of Prof Joachim Fischer, taking place 22-23 September 2022 in UL and online.
Please click here to register and see the full programme here.


3 October 2022
Guest lecture

Ireland–Switzerland - The diplomatic relations between two island nations
Jonas Hirschi (Diplomatische Dokumente der Schweiz (Dodis), Berne)


10 October 2022
Guest lecture

Die irischen Pfälzer - eighteenth century immigrants and identity
Claire McCormick (UL) 


3-4 November 2022
International Conference

New Ways of Engagement and the International Context: Northern Ireland and Ireland 
Location: Ulster University, Belfast
Jointly organised by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (Ulster University), the Centre for Irish-German Studies (UL) and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS Dublin/London).


30 November 2022
Celebrating 50 years of Heinrich Böll's Nobel Prize in Literature
In cooperation with the German Embassy, Dublin and the Museum of Literature Ireland


1 December 2022
A Day of Austrian, German and Irish literature and music
In cooperation with the Austrian Embassy and the Irish Chamber Orchester


Féile Dánnerstag
Thanks to funding by Foras na Gaeilge we will be able to continue the 2021-2022 Dánnerstag project in a slightly different format as Féile Dánnerstag/ Dánnerstag Festival in the autumn of 2022. This time, we will be translating the other way around, from Irish to German, with a four-part Irish-German Poetry Festival: Gabriel Rosenstock (on 22 September, with Hans-Christian Oeser), Alan Titley, Julie Goo and Micheál Ó hAodha will take part in September, October, November and December 2022. Project leaders are Sorcha de Brún and Gisela Holfter, UL.