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Yearbook 2000/2001

3rd Yearbook of the Centre for Irish-German Studies 2000/2001

Editors: Marieke Krajenbrink, Joachim Lerchenmueller
WVT - Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2001.

In the third issue of the Yearbook of the Centre for Irish-German Studies, the editors have again endeavoured to provide all those interested in Ireland and the German-speaking countries with up-to-date information on current affairs, historical developments, and new perspectives in Irish-German relations. To this end, the Yearbook covers matters political, cultural, social, economic, and educational, thus stressing the multi-disciplinary character of Irish-German Studies.

We have been fortunate to attract contributors from very different professional backgrounds, both academic and non-academic, so as to ensure that the Yearbook transcends the traditional borders of scholarly publications and encompasses the widest possible spectrum of viewpoints and perspectives; consequently, we have again given a platform to those engaged in the practice of Irish-German relations (Part IV).

Last year’s feature on Austria has been followed up with more contributions on Irish-Austrian and Austrian affairs (in Parts I and III). The continuing commitment of the Centre towards all German-speaking countries is reflected in the feature on Switzerland in this issue (Part II). Irish-Swiss relations have not received much scholarly attention in the past, despite the fact that the two countries have more in common than many might at first think, and we hope that the contributions in this issue will lead to more research activity in this interesting field.

With this issue, Marieke Krajenbrink is taking over as joint editor from Gisela Holfter, reflecting the introduction of a system by which the editorship of the Yearbook rotates among the Centre’s research team.

Part I Articles

  • Political Culture in East Germany - a Reaction to the Indignities of Unification - Wolf Wagner
  • Austrian Identity and the European Challenge - Anton Pelinka
  • Economic adjustment within the European Monetary Union: the Irish experience - Anthony Leddin

Part II Feature Schweiz

  • Swiss Integration Policy: Between Tradition and Adaption - Laurent Goetschel
  • Structure and Structural Change in the Bank Sector in Switzerland - Ueli Siegenthaler
  • Swiss and Irish Neutrality in the Second World War - Comparisons and Contrasts Christian Leitz
  • The Ideology of Consensus in Swiss Media Representation of Northern Ireland - Veronica O'Regan
  • Irland in Romanen deutschsprachiger schweizer Autoren - Helen Hauser
  • Martin und Gabrielle Alioth: Von Basel an die irische Ostküste - Hermann Rasche
  • Rhaeto-Romansh in Switzerland: Small is beautiful but often in danger - Manfred Gross/ Daniel Telli
  • The History of the Goetheanum and the School of Spiritual Science - Virginia Sease
  • Aktivitäten der Schweizerischen Botschaft im Jahr 2000

Part III Personal Encounters

  • Recollections of Erwin Schroedinger - Ruth Braunizer
  • Petra Kelly and Ireland - Gisela Holfter
  • Es war einmal vor langer Zeit - James Joyce und Feldkirch - Andreas Weigel
  • Franz Moritz Graf von Lacy - Diether Schlinke
  • Vom Schwarzen Mann zu den Schwarzen Bergen - Konrad Sarge

Part IV The year’s work in Irish-German relations::

A. The Centre for Irish-German Studies 2000 - Joachim Fischer, Gisela Holfter
Research in Progress - postgraduate students at the CIGS

B. Organisations and Other Bodies
The Austrian Embassy’s Year 2000 - The German Embassy's Year 2000 - Goethe Institut Inter Nationes e.V. Dublin 2000- Irland auf Deutsch (ILE Dublin) - Die Lutherische Kirche in Irland im Jahre 2000 - Deutsch-irische Parlamentariergruppe - Deutsch-Irischer-Freundeskreis Bayern e.V. - 2000: das war’s! war’s das schon? (Deutsch-Irische Gesellschaft e.V. Düsseldorf) - Veranstaltungen der Österreichisch-Irischen Gesellschaft 2000/2001

Bibliography of German publications in the field of Irish-German Studies - Andreas Hüther