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Yearbook 1998/1999

Yearbook 1998/1999

1st Yearbook of the Centre for Irish-German Studies 1998/1999

Editors: Gisela Holfter, Joachim Lerchenmueller
WVT - Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier. ISBN 3 88476 360 1

This yearbook provides all of those interested in Ireland and Germany with up-to-date information on current affairs, trends and new perspectives in Irish-German relations, covering matters political, social, economic, cultural and academic. The articles cover a variety of interesting topics; among them are

  • a critical analysis of last September’s controversy surrounding the publication of Dirk Koch’s article in Der Spiegel magazine on EU agricultural subsidies for Irish farmers, and Ann Lucey’s ‘reply’ in the examiner;
  • a comparative study on the systems of local government in Ireland and Germany;
  • an examination of the need for cross-cultural training for Irish-German business;
  • an article on Joseph Beuys in Ireland;
  • a biographical study on Richard Francis Talbot, titular Earl of Tyrconnell, focussing on his ambassadorship for France at the court of Frederick II;
  • a brief history of Roger Casement’s ill-fated "Irish Brigade" in Germany during the First World War.

In addition, the Yearbook contains numerous reports by organisations and institutions involved in the field of Irish-German relations, giving information about their work in 1998/99, and a bibliography of research in Irish-German Studies in Ireland, covering the period 1995-1999.