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Completed Research

Completed Research Projects


Claire O'Reilly, PhD: The Expatriate Life: A study of German Expatriates and their Spouses on Assignment in Ireland and the Development of Culture Training and Expatriate Support Based on their Adjustment Experiences. (G. Holfter)

Birgit Ryschka, PhD: The Construction and Deconstruction of National Identity in Selected Plays of Tom Murphy and Felix Mitterer. (H. Kelly-Holmes, M. Krajenbrink)

Thorsten M. Päplow (Göteborg), PhD: Heinrich Bölls Irisches Tagebuch. (Edgar Platen, University of Göteborg, Sweden and G. Holfter)

Siobhán O'Connor, MA (NUI Maynooth), PhD: Policy and Public Opinion towards German-speaking exiles in Ireland 1933-1945. (G. Holfter)



Alice Mazurek, MA (Universität Duisburg-Essen), PhD: "Who drums through Grass’s Peeling the Onion – Grass’s The Tin Drum as the subtext of Peeling the Onion and a comparison of the national and international reception of the texts" (G. Holfter)

Emmanuelle Bossé, MA: Berlin after the Wall and the children of the reunification: Portrayal of the new metropolis and its inhabitants in the fiction of female authors born between 1963 and 1972. (G. Holfter)

Fiona Maher, MA: Ireland in the 1950s: Stagnation and Change though Irish and German Eyes. (J. Fischer)

Anne-Marie O'Brien, MA: An exploratory study of Doyé's concept of the teacher as an "Intercultural Education Manager" with reference to the teaching of foreign languages at primary school level, focusing specifically on the impact of the teacher as a native or non-native speaker. (S. Tebbutt)