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The Centre for Irish-German Studies was founded in September 1997 at the University of Limerick. It was officially launched at the 1st Limerick Conference for Irish-German Studies. The main aim of the Centre is to encourage and support research dealing with all aspects of Irish-German relations. The term 'German' in the Centre's name is to be understood in a linguistic rather than a geographical sense. In particular, the centre aims

  • to encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary research into all aspects of contacts between Ireland and the German-speaking countries

  • to create a forum of discussion for interested parties, in the form of seminars, guest lectures and conferences

  • to co-ordinate and encourage the compilation of Irish material on Austria, Germany and Switzerland and German language material on Ireland as a resource base for researchers

  • to increase knowledge about German-speaking countries, their societies and cultures as well as Irish-German relations in the region, and further promote mutual understanding

Joint Directors of the Centre are Joachim Fischer and Gisela Holfter. Members of  the Centre are academic staff in both the University of Limerick and Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, who work in the area of Irish-German Studies. The Centre also has a number of external members working in other Irish and German institutions.