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Recent Activity


  • James Carr became a member of the Advisory Committee on Islamophobia in Ireland co-ordinated by the Immigrant Council of Ireland in partnership with the Open Society Foundation.
  • Led a bid with GLEN, TENI, and ENAR Ireland, for funding for funding from the Irish Research Council under their Strand 1 New Foundations Scheme: ‘Monitoring Hate Crime: Analysis and Development of Online Third Party Forms’. Funding was secured.
  • Secured DG Justice funding, in conjunction with the ICCL, for the project ‘The LifeCycle of a Hate Crime: Best practice in the prevention and prosecution of Hate Crime’ as part of their scheme of Action grants to support projects to prevent and combat racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and other forms of intolerance.
  • On the initiative of the HRRG, Professor Barbara Perry, world expert on hate crime, has been appointed as an Adjunct Professor to the Department of Sociology.
  • Hosted an expert workshop at the University of Sussex to present legislative proposals to key international hate crime researchers (8th May)
  • Launched Heads of Bill to address hate crime in Ireland (13th July, The Fitzwilliam Hotel, Dublin)