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Food Sovereignty in the World March of Women: How (Feminist) Collective Autonomy might be Strengthened

Abstract: Food sovereignty (FS) is a new issue inside the World March of Women movements, particularly visible since the Nyéléni Forum in 2007 in Mali, organized by the March in alliance with Via Campesina. Discourses and practices around this new issue are thus coming both from the impulse of the international level of the March and the politics of alliances deployed trough time and from day-to-day practices of women activists engaged locally in the March. This lecture will explore the tensions between official discourses developed at the international scale of the March about FS and the discourses and practices around FS developed by national coordination’s, especially in the European context. I argue that beyond the explicit political project, the process of circulation and appropriation of FS has the potential to broaden and strengthen women (feminist) collective autonomy.

Bio: Pascale Dufour is full professor at University of Montreal, Political science department. She is working on social movements and collective action in comparative perspective. She is currently working on three main research projects: Building transnational solidarities - Food sovereignty in the World March of Women (with Dominique Masson and Janet Conway); Institutional dimensions of housing and education struggles in Canada, France and Spain (with Marcos Ancelovici); Informal participation in Canadian urban contexts (with Laurence Bherer, Françoise Montambeault, Geneviève Cloutier and Stéphanie Gaudet). 
She has recently published Trois Espaces de protestation. France, Canada, Québec. Montréal: PUM, 2013; Street Politics in the Age of Austerity, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2016 (with Marcos Ancelovici and Héloïse Nez).