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Colloquia Series – Public Seminar

Posted on October 3, 2014 by Administrator


4pm, 16th October 2014, Foundation Building, Room F1030

Public Seminar and Q&A

Selling Sex: politics, activism & lived experience

Laura Lee, an Irish sex worker and activist based in Glasgow will discuss the realities of working as a sex worker in Ireland. As an Irish sex worker with 20 years’ experience, Laura will reflect on some of the common myths and perceptions around the world of sex work, and discuss the changes that she has seen in the industry over that time. Finally, Laura will point to possible policy changes that might help ensure safer working conditions for those who sell sex.

Lucy Smith will give a short presentation on the work of Ugly Mugs. Ugly Mugs is a scheme that aims to improve the safety of sex workers in Ireland and reduce crimes committed against them, by bringing sex workers together to share information about potential dangers. Lucy will discuss the scheme, and the political difficulties encountered in attempting to secure safer working environments for those working in the sex industry.