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Gender ARC Public Lecture with Professor G. Linda Rafnsdóttir

Posted on November 8, 2013 by Administrator

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Gender ARC Public Lecture

Co-sponsored with FESTA, the Department of Sociology and ISKS

SPEAKER: Professor G. Linda Rafnsdóttir, Professor of Sociology, University of Iceland.

TITLE: Virtual Work, Gendered Time and Inequality among academics and top management.

DATE:  Tuesday 12th November, 2013

TIME:   12.00  - 13.00 hrs

VENUE:   F1030


 Professor G Linda Rafnsdóttir will discuss the structuring of time, specifically how gender organizes and regulates work and family life in Iceland, despite state policies promoting gender equality.  She will discuss whether Internet and other ICTs generate work-family balance; if virtual work will change ‘traditional’ power relations between women and men and the gender segregated division at home and in work.  The study is based on mixed method: 60 in-depth interviews with academics and business leaders in Iceland and survey data.

Since 2009 Iceland has been identified as the country with the world’s smallest gender gap, based on its equality performance in economics, education, health and politics with headlines in the international media proclaiming Iceland as “the most feminist place in the world” and “the best country for gender equality” (BBC 2010).   Iceland shares its welfare model and approach to gender equality with the other Nordic countries; a model that is known as active welfare regime, promoting ‘defamilization’, defined as ‘the degree to which individual adults can uphold a socially acceptable standard of living, independently of family relationships, either through paid work or through social security provisions’.  Hence the importance of looking at virtual work, gendered time and inequality among academics and top management in such a context.