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Gender ARC Public Lecture with Professor Louise Morley

Posted on November 8, 2013 by Administrator

Gender Arc

Gender ARC Public Lecture
Co-sponsored by FESTA, the Department of Sociology and ISKS
Professor Louise Morley, Director, Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER), University of Sussex, UK.
 Lecture Title: Lost Leaders: Women in the Global Academy

 A powerful cultural ideology has emerged in higher education reform globally that suggests that the essential ingredient in successful organisational transformation is that of leadership. The leaderist turn assumes that individual agency, unimpeachable characteristics and structural positions will result in some organisational members being authorized to exert and display managerial power. There are questions about who self-identifies, and is identified by existing power elites, as having leadership legitimacy, with women having achieved differing, but generally low rates of success in entering senior academic leadership in different national locations. This presentation will engage critically with the international literature and explanatory frameworks that have analysed women’s absences from senior leadership positions in higher education and with empirical data collected internationally from British Council seminars on Women in Higher Education Leadership. It will highlight the lack of attention paid to the cultural climate that constructs or depresses aspirations and agency. However, much of the global literature assumes that counting more women into existing systems, structures and cultures is an unquestioned good, and an indicator of vertical career success. There is scant discussion of women’s resistance to entering leadership in post neo-liberal and austerity-driven workplace cultures. It is questionable whether leadership in today’s managerialised global academy is a transformational opportunity and object of desire for academic women, or whether indeed, it is a form of incarceration in an identity cage.

DATE: Today – Wednesday 23rd October, 2013

TIME:  18.00 hrs

VENUE: Theatre 2, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, UL