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Gender, Culture & Society Postgraduate Forum 2013/2014

Posted on September 30, 2013 by Administrator

The Gender, Culture & Society Postgraduate Forum is hosted by Gender, Culture & Society @ UL.  It is a space for research postgraduate students to come together and share experiences, ideas and research. This semester’s forum will be anchored by the work of French philosopher Michel Foucault whose work resonates across a variety of disciplines and contexts.

If you would like a copy of the introductory reading ahead of each session, please e-mail

The first meeting of the GCS@UL Postgraduate Forum took place in the POD, Foundation Building, UL at 11am on Tuesday the 17th of September, Week 2. This first meeting consisted of an informal conversation about the structure and content of the forum for the coming semester.

Forum dates for this semester:

Wednesday from 11am – 12.30pm on -      

  • 2nd Oct Week 4
  • 16th October Week 6
  • 6th November Week 9
  • 27th November Week 12

POD, Foundation Building, University of Limerick

Next Session: Week 4

Title:                Introduction to some of Foucault’s central concepts.
Reading:          ‘Introduction’ in The Foucault Reader by Paul Rabinov.
Content:          Discussion regarding central concepts introduced and relevance/insight for our research. Decision on the reading for next session.

And, as always, time to share PhD experiences!

All previous and new members are welcome!